Relish the Best Chippy Delights at TKH Fish Bar in North Berwick!

At TKH Fish Bar, we take great pride in serving the freshest, high-quality fish that will tantalise your taste buds. Our fish is lightly battered and freshly cooked to perfection, and we also offer mouthwatering pizzas, burgers, and more. We understand the value of good food at an affordable price, and that is why we offer a wide selection of fast foods that won't break the bank. You can easily browse our web menu and place your order online to satisfy all your cravings.

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About TKH Fishbar

At TKH Fish Bar, we are passionate about serving the finest fish and chips in North Berwick! Using only the freshest, sustainably sourced fish, our expert team ensures that every bite is a tantalising burst of flavour. For those seeking a different taste adventure, our menu offers an array of options beyond the sea. Dive into our mouthwatering pizzas, topped with the freshest ingredients and baked to cheesy, gooey perfection. Try our kebabs, a harmonious blend of flavours and spices, or savour our juicy burgers. Our hand-cut, golden fries are the ideal companion to our delectable fish. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, they complement our seafood dishes perfectly. One bite, and you'll be hooked! Can't wait to satiate your fish and chip craving? We've got you covered! With our seamless online ordering system, you can enjoy the comfort of placing your order from anywhere and collecting it at your convenience. Fast, easy, and oh-so-satisfying.

Visit us online today and find out what delightful surprises await you on our menu!

TKH Fish Bar North Berwick pizzas TKH Fish Bar North Berwick fish and chips

Dive into Flavourful Delights!

TKH Fish Bar North Berwick Traditionals

At our fish bar, we invite you to relish in the simplicity and satisfaction of traditionally prepared fish and chips, and the delightful indulgence of scampi!

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TKH Fish Bar North Berwick Pizzas

We craft mouthwatering pizzas with love and passion, using the finest ingredients and time-honoured techniques. Every bite is a celebration of flavour, texture, and pure gastronomic pleasure!

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TKH Fish Bar North Berwick Burgers

Embark on a flavour adventure with our unique selection of burgers. From classic cheeseburgers to bold combinations, our burgers are a symphony of taste.

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TKH Fish Bar North Berwick kebab

Are you ready to indulge in the succulent, aromatic flavours of kebabs? Look no further! At TKH Fish Bar, we bring you an exquisite selection of kebabs that will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of the Middle East.

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TKH Fish Bar North Berwick kebab Wraps
Kebab Wraps

Our Kebab Wraps are a fusion of juicy, marinated meat, vibrant veggies, and a symphony of aromatic spices.

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